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XMage Today BETA Server

Download full client

It's a custom xmage server that run latest developer version. You can find and test new cards and features that is not yet released.

Server status:

  • Latest update: 2019-08-16 10:18 UTC
  • Online status: check it

How-to connect:

  • Address: xmage.today
  • Port: 17171
  • No needs registration: use any username without password
  • You can use official mage client or download BETA client (if you gets wrong version error on connect)


  • BETA client: recommended
    • Download full xmage client (zip-file);
    • Extract it to any folder like "D:\games\xmage-beta\";
    • Run launcher (execute "run-LAUNCHER.cmd" or "XMageLauncher-0.3.8.jar" from game's folder);
    • Press update button to download java.
    • Don't forget download symblos and card images from main menu after new client start (scryfall source recommended).
  • Official release:
    • You can use official release to play on BETA server;
    • Just choose BETA server in connection dialog;
    • If you gets wrong version error then current BETA server compatible with BETA client only.

XMage community and feedback for bug reports:

Admin's contacts for servers restarts, feedback or support:


If you like the project and want to support server or xmage updates then you can send donations via PayPal.